LG G6 custom designed features explained

LG G6 custom designed features explained


The LG G6 is a groundbreaking smartphone with its new FullVision display that covers 80% of the front surface of the phone. The LG G6 introduces a range of LG custom designed features and here we give you a little more insight with an explanation of each:




LG G6 Multi-window feature


Multi-tasking with multi-window on the LG G6 revolutionises the smartphone experience. Yes we have seen multi-window support before on smartphones but the LG G6 makes more of the experience, through its elongated 5.7” FullVision display.


FullVision – The FullVision display has a visual area that stretches right from one side of the screen to the other, with almost no visible bezel. There is very little body at the top or bottom as well, giving the display a 18:9 aspect ratio, as opposed to a more standard 16:9.


To begin a multi-window session you need to open the first app and then touch and hold the square Home touch button. You can now select a recently used app, with one then placed above the other. To end the multi-window session you need to press and hold the new Home touch button, which has been dived into two rectangles.


Square camera mode

It seems somewhat strange that no one thought about using split screen and collage layouts, within the camera app, before LG and the LG G6.


The first feature of Square camera mode is Snap Shot. This allows you to see a preview of the photo (or video) you have just taken on one half of the screen, while on the other you can see the viewfinder. So now, you can line up your next shot while checking out the success of failure of your last.


Guide Shot is the next Square camera mode and here you can choose an existing photo in order to recreate it with a new photo. The feature works by making an existing photo semi-transparent, so that you can line up a new photo with the same dimensions. This could be useful if you were taking photos of multiple meals on a plate.


LG G6 Match Shot


Match Shot allows you to combine two photos and match them up for a bit of fun. An example would be to match up a photo of a hot air balloon with an ice cream cone. You can see the result above.


Camera roll


The Camera roll isn’t revolutionary but it is a very handy way of previewing photos while remaining in the camera app. You will need to tap Auto mode in the settings followed by Camera roll, to use the feature.


LG G6 camera roll


After this, photos you take will appear in a scroll-able thumbnail list on the side of the display. You can tap a thumbnail to view it on the camera screen and tap it again to return to the viewfinder.


Hi-Fi video recording


The LG G6 has three Acoustic Overload Point (AOP) microphones and these can capture high quality sound with a wider dynamic frequency range. To take a Hi-Fi video you need to tap manual in the camera app’s setting and tap the toggle on/off switch next to Hi-Fi.


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