LG Fantasy Windows Phone Leaked


LG seemed to be left behind in the Windows Phone 7 device category, but now it seems they are jumping in with their own Windows Phone Mango device. The leaked device named the “LG Fantasy” appears to have a 4-inch IPS display and sports the Windows Phone 7.5 OS.




Unfortunately that is all that has been revealed by the hazy photos with no specs or features other than what the image appears to show.


This handset was leaked in July as part of LG’s 2012 line-up and the leaked image again seems to confirm a Windows Phone from LG is coming our way.


The leaked image has been issued with a release date of 2012 during Q1 so it could appear at the MWC or CES so we shouldn’t have to wait to see how LG have equipped their offering to the Windows smartphone market.


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