LG drops ‘Compact’ from it’s branding of the LG G4C

While LG continues to highlight that its latest LG G4 variant, the LG G4C, is more compact than the leather clad original, the dropping of Compact from its title is a reflection of the still-large display that forms part of its build.


Traditional design


The 5-inch in-cell display sits within the traditional body design that we have seen on other LG products over the past few years. The rear case, which is plastic on the LG G4C, is patterned to give a metallic impression and the central Rear Key is once again featured.


The Rear Key is positioned to align with the index finger and can be used to initiate various tasks quickly. The Rear Key allows for the volume to be adjusted, shortcuts to be set and a double tap activates the Quick Shot camera feature, ensuring spur of the moment memories aren’t missed.


LG Rear Key


One new addition to the design is a powerful 1-watt speaker, which is rear mounted. Music and other media can now be enjoyed without the need for separate speakers and the 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection can be used for streaming.


Camera vanity


The selfie camera on the LG G4C is primed for the vain with a 5MP resolution and wide-angle lens that allows friends, family or the background scenery to get into the shot. Gesture Shot can be used for a more natural and relaxed pose where the opening and closing of a fist triggers the shutter’s countdown feature.


Camera vanity


Under low-light scenarios the LG G4C’s selfie camera uses the screens light to illuminate the scene over a traditional flash. LG believes that this creates a more natural result with truer colour reproduction.


The main 8MP camera has been carefully crafted for use by a broad range of photography talents. Three modes of operation stretch from everything auto to full control of everything from the white balance to the exposure.


Android coupled with LG’s UX 4.0 UI


The LG G4C has the latest Google innovations which come as part of its Android v5.0 Lollipop operating system. These are coupled with many intuitive features that are part of LG’s UX 4.0 User Interface;


1. Ringtone ID – This feature allows you to select priority contacts for their own uniquely composed ring tone, enabling incoming caller recognition without even picking the phone up
2. Smart Notice – Here the user interface learns your typical daily routine and smartphone usage patterns to provide pre-emptive lifestyle recommendations such as the weather in the places you will visit, the traffic between them and much more.
3. Event Scheduling – This has been made much easier with a simple drag and drop feature that allows you to, for example, drag an event mentioned on social media straight into your calender
4. Glance View – Saves power and time by showing notifications from the off screen with a dragging down of a finger over the screen
5. KNOCK codes – Device security is assured with unlocking via the input of one of 86,000 possible patterns


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Written by: Michael Brown

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