LG announces LG G6+

LG announces LG G6+


LG has announced the LG G6+ and this enhanced version of the LG G6 will roll out globally from the start of July, which will include a UK release.


The LG G6+ brings with it a major software upgrade, as well as a few tweaks to the hardware. Here we take a look at the new features and hardware on the LG G6+.


Face Print


One of the most desirable new features of the LG G6+ is Face Print. Face Print is facial recognition and this can be used to unlock the phone without having to press any keys at all.


To do this, the LG G6+ monitors the motion of the phone in the background. When it senses that the phone is being lifted up towards the face, the camera is awakened and automatically carries out the facial recognition authentication process.


Face Print is extremely convenient with the LG G6+ being unlocked in under a second. There is almost no negative effect on the battery as the camera only springs to life when the phone senses the lifting of the phone.


Covered Lens


LG G6+


Covered Lens on the LG G6+ tackles the age old accident of putting your finger over the lens when taking a photograph. This annoying occurrence has become slightly more common as wide angle lenses widen their field of view, which moves the extremes of this closer to where the phone is being held.


The Covered Lens feature alerts the photographer with a simple onscreen warning.


Optical colours


LG G6+ Optical colours


The LG G6+ brings with it a new Optical colour range. A lenticular film has been applied to the back of the phone and this encourages different colour hues to be thrown off in different directions. The new optical colours include Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold.


Once again, there is a black colour option and with the LG G6+ this has been named Optical Astro Black. All three of the colour choices have a black front, which LG believes is the best colour for showing off the expanse of the FullVision display.


Internal memory


The biggest change to the hardware on the LG G6+ is the addition of extra internal memory. The LG G6+ will have a 128GB memory and this will allow owners to download more apps or store more content such as videos, photos and music.


Call recording


With this LG phone it is possible to set up automatic call recording. The feature will allow owners to select an individual contact and all calls from this number will be automatically recorded.


B&O PLAY earphone


Bang and Olufsen are premium earphone manufacturers, so it is quite a scoop for the LG G6+ to be supplied with a pair of B&O PLAY earphones, in the box.


There is a reason that LG has made this move. The LG G6+ has Quad DAC 32-bit Hi-Fi audio and the B&O PLAY earphones allow you to experience this. Music is taken to new levels with studio quality audio that represents how the original artist intended it to.


Low Power Consumption


The LG G6+ uses Qualcomm’s All-Ways Aware technology to sense when the phone is in various states that allow for Low Power Consumption. In addition to this, the LG G6+ will support the convenience of Qi wireless charging, although this is a region specific addition.


LG G6+ features and specifications


The LG G6+ has, apart from those mentioned above, the same features and hardware as the original LG G6. We should also note here that existing LG G6 owners will get an over-the-air software update that will add Face Print, Covered Lens and Low Power Consumption functionality.


Here are the main features and specifications of the LG G6+:


FullVision Display – The FullVision display (1440 x 2880 pixels) is extremely large at 5.7” measured diagonally. However, the size of the phone remains palm friendly as most of the screen surround has been done away with. This gives the display an elongated look and ushers in a new era of phones that have an 18:9 aspect ratio.


LG G6+ water resistant


Design – The LG G6+ combines glass with an aluminium frame and from this there is no unsightly protruding camera bump on the back. This LG phone meets IP68 standards for dust and water resistance and has specially rounded corners that will help disperse the force of impacts, hopefully saving the phone if dropped.


Qualcomm chipset – The Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor is lightening fast with 4GB of RAM and a quad-core layout that delivers a clock speed of 2.35GHz.
Dolby Vision – Enjoy cinematic colours and contrast with HDR 10 quality video from sources such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. There are several viewing modes with Dolby Vision, each tailored to a specific viewing need or viewing environment. The modes includes Standard Mode, Bright Mode, Cinematic Mode and Vivid Mode.


Dual 13MP camera – The dual camera on the LG G6+ allows you to zoom out, which is pretty handy when taking photos in confined spaces, such as indoors. The primary lens has a 78-degrees field of view, while the second lens has a wider 125-degrees field of view.


Square Camera Mode


Square Camera Mode – This mode offers up four new shooting options that are each quite handy to have. Snap Shot splits the screen in half so that you can view your last photograph while lining up for the next. Match Shots merges two photos together while Grid Shot creates a collage of photos and videos. The last Square Camera Mode is Guide Shot and this can be used to help you recreate a photo, with an image as a guide.


Battery – The battery on the LG G6+ has a high capacity at 3,300mAh and comes with a special Game Battery Saver mode. The Game Battery Saver mode balances the resolution and frame rate according to your gaming needs and this saves on power consumption. The LG G6+ is also Quick Charge 3.0 ready, but you will need to buy a Quick Charge 3.0 charger in order to take advantage of this.


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