LG Announce LG GD900 Crystal

LG GD900

LG GD900

The LG GD900 has been announced today and at Mobilesplease we are very impressed with its look. Also know as the ‘crystal’ the GD900 will be the world’s first transparent design phone.

Revealing the handset in its purest form instead of using bold colours like the LG KP501 Cookie Pink, LG are aiming to make a fashion statement with the release of this new handset. The crystal glass like design is transparent but very appealing to the eye and when the phone is slid open the keypad illuminates a cool glow.

LG insist it is not all about the looks with this phone, it has all the technical features that you would expect from a LG handset. Also the experts have created a Bluetooth headset which will mirror the same transparent design and is said to look stunning.

The transparent look is sure to catch on in the future! Set to be release in Q2 of 2009 it is sure to be a very popular handset. If your looking for a fashion conscious phone why not try the LG Cookie KP501 or Blackberry Bold.

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