Let Russell Grant Help You Pick Your Next Phone

With the mind boggling array of mobile phones on the market it can be a daunting task
to pick one. Well don’t worry, we asked astrologer extraordinaire Russell Grant to take
a look at this knotty problem and he’s come up with a great guide to help you pick the
best mobile phone for your star sign.

Arians love to be bold and make a statement with the most technologically advanced
mobile on the market. Their phone has to be fun in terms of colour and since they live to
party they will rely on social networking and PDA features to arrange their personal life.
Perfect Phones: Apple iPhone 4, Sony Ericsson Satio

Quality not quantity counts for Taurus who will opt for a high-spec phone with
traditional features like a qwerty keyboard and a design and layout that is familiar.
Taureans are most likely to opt for a mobile with the most basic functions rather than
anything too complicated.
Perfect Phones: Blackberry 8520 Curve, Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro

Talkative Gemini needs a good battery that allows plenty hours of conversations. As
they grow bored quickly they need a mobile that offers mind-blowing multimedia
facilities with an exciting range of gadgets and games. An internet function that enables
Gemini to link up with their work and personal emails is also a high priority.
Perfect Phones: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S , HTC Desire

Capturing the moment and keeping in touch with friends and family is what’s most
important to the Cancerian whose phone must have a camera with good image quality
as well as a social networking function. Cancer finds it hard to push traditional ideas to
one side and is more likely to be in the market for something quite basic.
Perfect Phones: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, Nokia 2330 classic

Being the centre of their social world, Leos rely on a mobile phone with a good battery
life. They need a top-rate audio and video player to keep them entertained and because
everything they own has to be the biggest and the best, a good quality phone with a
good sized screen is also a must.
Perfect Phones: HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Wherever they might be, using a camera to take a quick snap and share with their social
network is something Virgo can’t resist. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo likes to keep in touch
with friends so a PDA and internet access is a must while a Qwerty keyboard will be
useful for texting.
Perfect Phones: BlackBerry Bold 9700, Samsung Genio Qwerty

Librans hate to feel alone; their mobile phone is their constant companion. Choosing the
right one is important. First they’ll think about style, colour and looks. Also on their list
of needs will be: MP3, internet access and social networking functions.
Perfect Phones: LG Viewty GT , Nokia X3

Value for money, stylish with an impressive list of features is what the hard-to-please
Scorpio is looking for. Scorpio expects perfection and their phone must have the best
mobile browser around with a big and beautiful touch screen.
Perfect Phones: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S , HTC Wildfire

A flip phone that is quick and easy to use will suit the busy Sagittarius. When out and
about their phone will replace their laptop to keep them constantly connected with
friends and colleagues. Always on the go, GPS and Sat Nav functions are another
Sagittarius requisite.
Perfect Phones: Motorola Flipout, Nokia 3710

A fashionable mobile that’s good value for money will please the choosy Capricorn.
They aren’t so much looking for tons of features but rather a business-friendly mobile
with useful functions such as a large screen display, internet browsing and a camera.
Perfect Phones: Samsung Tocco Lite, Sony Ericsson Elm

Aquarius is the big gadget-freak of the zodiac. Their phone must have an eye-catching
appearance with all the top-notch features and functions. This isn’t just a tool for
communication for their mobile must be an all-in-one device that caters for the modern-
day lifestyle.
Perfect Phones: Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4

Ease of use is a priority for the Pisces when choosing a mobile phone. A touch screen
or simple to use buttons are more important than having too many gadgets. What they
also need is an uncomplicated menu system with some fun features like a camera and
music player.
Perfect Phones: Nokia 2330 classic, Samsung Tocco Lite

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