Lenovo K800 First Intel Atom Powered Smartphone Announced

The Lenovo K800 is the first smartphone to be powered by the Intel Atom processor, commonly found in netbooks giving this smartphone impressive power .


This processor delivers a longer battery life coupled with strong performance and with Android 4.0 on board this should provide a great user experience.


Other features of the Lenovo K800 include a 4.5-inch TFT display and an 8-megapixel camera giving this a seat at the middle of the smartphone market. With this new processor it will be interesting to see how its performance rates amongst its peers. CEO and Intel President Paul Otellini said at the phone launch “The best of Intel computing is coming to smartphones”.


Another feature of the phone is Wi-Di allowing you to wirelessly connect to a compatible TV so you can show off your photos and video clips to family and friends.


The Lenovo K800 will be available in China within the next 2 months and should land on our shores shortly after that. So do you think the Intel Atom processor will make a real difference to smartphone performance? The lines of smartphones and tablets continue to blur and is this another step in that direction?


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