Launch date for iPad Mini is likely to be 23rd October


The iPad Mini rumours have been rife over the last few months and the latest news on the grapevine about this smaller tablet from Apple is that the launch date is likely to be the 23rd October.


Of course there is no comment from Apple on the subject and if this date is to be believed the company will be cutting it fine to get the invites out for the event. The iPhone 5 launch event was a huge deal and anticipated by everyone in the industry and with this event coming so soon after it would be a much more low key affair.


If this date is correct this will see Apple reveal their iPad Mini just three days before the Microsoft event for their Surface tablets.


The original iPad is hugely popular amongst tablet users but Apple has yet to deliver a device to compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet or the Kindle Fire, so this iPad Mini could be the answer with its 7.85-inch display.


Watch this space for more iPad Mini news as we get it.


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