Latest Rumours Point to an iPhone 5SE

The many rumours surrounding Apple devices have mainly been focused on when we can expect to see an iPhone 6C giving us a cheaper alternative to the latest iPhone. The latest rumours point to an iPhone 5SE and that we will be getting en enhanced 5S instead of the expected iPhone 6C.


Apple iPhone 5SE Rumours


Although many expected that the usual iPhone release would be followed with an iPhone 6C this year a few rumblings began to point to an iPhone with an iPhone 6 specification in an iPhone 5 case, now known as the iPhone 5SE.


iphone 6s colours


The iPhone 5SE is expected to have a 4-inch touchscreen display and the latest A9/M9 chip combo making for a powerful affordable iPhone. Some speculation has pointed towards an A8 setup though to keep the phone price point lower.


This is essentially an upgraded iPhone 5, hence the 5SE moniker, rather than a preview of what is to come on the iPhone 7 and there looks to be a number of enhancements to the former model in this latest incarnation. These include the same 8-megapixel camera that is on the iPhone 6 as well as larger panoramas and improved autofocus for video.


iphone 6s camera


The same 1.2-megapixel camera is on the front and the 5SE is said to sport the same curved glass edges as the iPhone 6S. The new Live Photos feature will be included and the phone is expected to start at a 16GB model available in the same colour palette as the iPhone 6S.


iphone 6s rose group


The high-end design elements and the look and feel of the iPhone 6S flagship look like they will make their way onto the iPhone 5SE so if you have seen a 6S and been tempted but the price put you off this could be the compromise you are looking for.

iPhone 5SE Release Date


The iPhone 5SE is expected to take the place of the anticipated iPhone 6C and is in production now so we can expect a release date of early to mid-march.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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