Latest iPhone 8 rumour hints at a mirror-like finish

The iPhone 8 has been the subject of many rumours recently and this is bound to continue until the device is officially announced. The latest rumour claims that a mirror finish iPhone 8 is in the works with Apple adding a reflective mirror surface to the colour options of their latest iPhone.


iPhone 8 Features


iphone 8 mirror finish


Many rumours about the colour range offered on the iPhone 8 were concerning an expanded offering of six colour options. Red, grey and gold along with the usual colours were expected to round off the colour versions of the device so a mirror finish is a surprise.


image iphone 8


The rumour surfaced on Twitter from Benjamin Geskin who has dropped lots of rumours on the Apple devices that later proved to be true. Geskin claims a company insider informed him of the mirror-like finish currently being worked on by Apple.


iPhone 8 Rumours


The iPhone 8 rumours have been pointing to a few conflicting stories such as the Touch ID sensor will be on the back of the phone while another claims it will be on the front.


iphone 8 official images


It is expected that the iPhone 8 will have a bezel-free display and extra AR features as well as a possible curved screen and a vertically aligned dual-lens camera.


The home button will be a goner according to recent chatter and the device is expected to have a bigger 5.8-inch display.


The Touch ID position debate was set off course completely with a rumour that the technology would be ditched in favour of a 3D face scanning sensor.


The iPhone 8 may or may not have wireless charging depending on which rumour you put more stock in as some say this will definitely be in place whereas other sources are saying it won’t be ready in time for the release date.


For now, we will just have to keep waiting until Apple gives us the real story but we can expect plenty of speculation and rumours to be flying around until then.

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