Just when you thought Blackberry couldn’t get any better!

The Blackberry Curve 3G decides to show its more female friendly side with a new pink colour scheme that has a deep enough richness to suit the young professional whilst retaining a fashionable image that won’t look out of place in a club, bar or restaurant.

The miniature QWERTY keypad is now a must have, and this ensures speedy text-based messaging with email, instant messaging and of course social networking. The Blackberry Messenger App also fits in with our love for electronic communication with its continuous conversational view of messages that make it easy to go back and forth with ongoing chat.

The next treat that this powerful phone promotes is ‘true multitasking’, and the merits of being able to flick between open apps without losing your data are truly under sung.

If you hate paper maps or seem to always get yourself turned around then the GPS App with built-in Blackberry Maps is going to revolutionise your life. Forget your in-car system, as this App will keep you pointed in the right direction even when you are out and about on foot.

There’s plenty more under the bonnet and life’s essentials such as music player, video player, camera and video recorder are all there.

Tariff wise, T-Mobile come in first with a plan that reflects the needs of today, so unlimited text messaging and Blackberry email are thrown in each month. Voice calling is still covered with 300 anytime minutes and the line rental of just £25.54 isn’t going to cramp anyone’s style.

If you’re thinking business phone, then add £10pm and you can see your minutes swell up to 900 minutes each month and it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a basic tariff or high usage plan as the phone is free on all plans!

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