Is The latest BB10 Touch Smartphone to be called the BlackBerry Z10?



We have seen the latest phones from BlackBerry in previous leaks online and now the latest news on the BlackBerry 10 devices is that the L-Series phone will be sporting the name BlackBerry Z10.


The RIM (Research in Motion) event on January 30th is expected to be the launchpad for the latest BlackBerry 10 OS along with the latest smartphones that will be packing it.


So now we have a name for the full touch smartphone range thanks to a leaked marketing image and the N-Series QWERTY packing phone is expected to be called the X10 all we need is the official word on specification and pricing.


All will be revealed officially at the RIM event next month but so far rumours put the Z10 at a decent spec with a HD resolution touchscreen display measuring 4+ inches, a dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel snapper. BlackBerry has produced phones before that dropped their traditional QWERTY design but with their first full touch smartphone have they done enough to regain market share and increase slumping sales figures?



2013 will give us the answers for the future of BlackBerry makers RIM, so watch this space.


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