Is Sony Ericsson’s W902 phone for you?

Mobile phone manufacturers always have a tightrope to walk when designing a new mobile phone. You want to build a super feature rich phone but you don’t want it to be the size of Roseanne Barr’s knickers. So we waited with building anticipation for the Sony Ericsson W902. and this is our verdict…

It has a flat screen mineral glass display which is scratch resistant and a good 2.2-inch size. Scratch resistance is important for phones these days because they now easily in your pocket your keys particularly enjoy vandalising the screen when you walk. 8 GB memory is top of the range now and should last for a good few years. If you have no music taste and no friends to take videos of you won’t be able to fill it in if you tried. If you do need more then you can get a Micro card for a reasonable cost.

Sony Ericsson claims the W902 has “outstanding musical sound”. It’s great with headphones but as with all mobile phones the build in speakers won’t quite be able to replicate a musical evening at the Albert Hall.

A good looking 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus is now standard and the W902 does it well. The battery life is also very good. For the more advanced feature junkies it has Google Maps, and an accelerometer. For those of you unfamiliar with the accelerometer it’s the clever thing that detects whether your phone is vertical or horizontal and products a portrait or landscape display accordingly. It also detects vibrations and stabilises the in motion music player +game playing.

The W902 has quadband roaming which means every country in the world that has mobile phones can accommodate the W902. It also has High-Speed Downlink Packet Access which gives high-speed data transfer and web surfing.

So it’s thumbs up to Sony Ericsson for making to get the latest technology into a phone that is stylish, small and easy to use.

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