iPhone with wrap-around display patent granted

Curved displays on smartphones have been appearing in renders and rumours for a while now and with most manufacturers said to be working on a curvy phone this looks to be the next trend in the smartphone world. Apple may have not been a common subject of the curved screen rumour mill but hints have appeared before and now a patent shows an iPhone with a wrap-around screen is in our future.


Apple iPhone 6s


Apple AMOLED display


News has been circulating for a while that the Retina display will be a thing of the past for iPhone with a move towards AMOLED screens and the recent patent that was granted on June 14th shows a device with an all-glass body and flexible AMOLED display.


iphone curved display


The rumour about Apple adding Touch ID to the display seems backed up by the lack of home button on the images and with previous patents filed by the company also featuring curved displays it looks like a curved screen will be on a furture iPhone.


The iPhone 7 is expected to follow the route of previous models with very little in the way of big changes to the design and hardware of the phone. This latest curved display is more likely to feature on the iPhone 8 as industry experts have predicted that model will be made with curved glass panels.


Transparent iPhone


The curvy iPhone was not the only Apple device discovered lurking in the patent office as there is also a patent granted for a “transparent electronic device”.


transparent display apple


The patent contains some different versions of the device but it looks like it would be a transparent screen that could be held up to look through at your surroundings with points of interest highlighted for you.


This type of augmented reality is available using the smartphone camera so moving to a transparent window style screen will be a huge move forward.


iphone 6s design


These devices are just at the patent stage at the moment and as not all patents filed become a reality it is not a certainty we will be seeing a see through iPhone. The curved screen does seem to keep popping up though so it shows that Apple is putting some serious thought into making it so it does look likely the iPhone will be getting curves in the future.

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