iPhone roaming charges

Last week I jetted off to Marrakech to sample their fantastic Souks and glorious sun. Luckily I remembered to turn off all the right things to ensure I didn’t end up with a hefty phone bill. Unfortunately I didn’t remember that Morocco is a HOT country and leaving my iPhone in direct sunlight for about half an hour (by accident) gave me cause for concern for my precious iPhone. Those clever people at Apple disabled my phone until it cooled down and thankfully it survived it’s trauma with a few minor injuries (see images below).

If you are about to set off on your summer holidays and want to take your iPhone to carry your favourite tunes, snap photos by the pool or keep in touch with family back home by calling an texting then the best thing to do is turn off all your internet features. Here’s how –

First go to settings – general – network and turn off 3G and Data Roaming.

The next thing you may want to do is turn off your Voicemail as you can expect to be charged when you receive a voicemail and when you listen to it. To turn off your voicemail on O2 dial 1760 to avoid those extra charges.

If you are a Facebook user ensure you turn your notifications off by going to settings – notifications and turn to ‘off’.

If you are unsure about any charges you could incur abroad and want to make sure you don’t spend too much abroad check with your network as they are usually helpful in showing how to stick to the guidlines.

Remember! Even if you have an unlimited data and Wi-Fi allowance it will only apply to usage in the UK. Most networks now notify customers with a text regarding their data usage to help them stick within budget. Here is a guidline to each networks iPhone data charges.

O2 charge £3 per MB within the EU and £6 per MB outside the EU. Vodafone charge £1 per MB for the first 5MB, and £5 per 5MB thereafter in the EU; for the rest of the world it’s £3 for each MB up to 5MB, then £15 for every 5MB after that. Finally, Orange charge £3 per MB within the EU, but a rather costly £8 per MB for the rest-of-the-world.

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