iPhone 9 image leak shows new camera

The iPhone 9 will soon be upon us and as with any hotly anticipated phone release there are plenty of rumours and hints about what is to come. The latest iPhone 9 image leak seems to show a new camera sensor on the back of the latest Apple smartphone.


iPhone 9 images



There have been plenty of renders and dummy phones masquerading as the iPhone 9 so the credibility of an image is always a little in doubt. The latest images of the iPhone 9 have appeared on /Leaks and appear to show a sensor that looks bigger than the current flagship.


Current camera lens on iPhone 8


If this is the real deal it looks like Apple has not jumped on the dual camera bandwagon of late. The image is a single sensor so no dual camera setup for Apple fans yet it would seem. The double camera will remain the luxury for those that opt for the more expensive iPhone 11 Plus.



A second image also leaked which seems to back up the first one. It shows a single camera on the back with the flash looking to have moved to under the camera, rather than being at the side as it is currently.


iPhone 9 release date

The launch event for the Apple iPhone will take place next month so we don’t have very long to wait to see if these images are the genuine article. We can expect lots of rumours and gossip in the meantime so keep watching this space for more information.

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