iPhone 8 to drop home button for software bar

The iPhone 8 is heading our way and, as is the norm when a flagship from the big manufacturers is imminent, leaks and rumours are flying around. The latest rumour seems to suggest that the new iPhone 8 will drop the home button for a software bar instead.


iPhone 8 new design


iphone 8 redesign


This latest news on the iPhone 8 has been reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who has seem images of the new iPhone and has had discussions with some relevant people involved with the device.


This new design would be one of the most significant changes to the iPhone since it first landed in our hands a decade ago.


There are supposedly a few different designs of the iPhone8 floating around and at least one of these features a full-screen display with no home button. To navigate around the phone and its features users will now use gesture control to view apps or activate Siri.


There is a device that has a software bar that sits along the bottom of the iPhone 8 display and users drag the bar up to open apps, unlock the device and close apps.


With different devices out for testing it is difficult to say which one will end up as the final device at the launch but with these big variations on the look and interaction on the iPhone 8, it looks like Apple is making big changes to their next flagship.


iPhone 8 Features


new look iphone 8


The latest image leaks show some other changes to the iPhone 8 too, not just the surprising removal of the home button. The screen looks to be taller and bigger overall than the iPhone 7 Plus but following in the footsteps of other manufacturers the overall size will remain compact thanks to slim bezels. The bezels look to be uniform around the whole screen, removing the chunky bands from the base and top of the display and the metal band antennas of the past look to be making a comeback.


There is a top shelf design along the top of the device which stores all the sensors including the anticipated facial recognition sensor for securing the phone.


The dock is shown along the bottom of the phone and the elongated power button sits on the side of the phone. The Apple launch is expected on 12th September, so the countdown begins to get the full story on the iPhone 8.


What do you think of the expected changes to the iPhone 8? Will you be buying the iPhone 8? Share your thoughts below and let us know if you are an Apple fan.

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