iPhone 7S to have an OLED display instead of LCD

The latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have not officially been revealed but we are getting some big news about the next, next iPhone. The iPhone 7S will have an OLED display instead of LCD, according to a Chinese news site, making a big design change for the 2017 iPhone.

OLED advantages over LCD


Apple iPhone 6s


The OLED shift will give a few benefits to the iPhone 7S as the screen allows handsets to be lighter, thinner and more flexible than the current LCD displays on the iPhone. They are also brighter and deliver deeper blacks and save battery life by turning off pixels.


Apple deal for OLED displays


The switch of the Cupertino based manufacturer to OLED displays seems inevitable as reports of a $12 billion dollar deal with Samsung and LG for a large amount of the displays looks close to completion.


iphone 6s camera features


The switch will also be a refresh on the iPhone range that is expected to bring new ideas to the models and to keep up with other manufacturers that have moved onto OLED displays.


Not on the iPhone 7


The expected shift over to OLED will not be made in time for the next iPhone, namely the iPhone 7, so anyone wanting that better screen will have to wait until next year.


galaxy s7 always on display


The use of OLED displays by other manufacturers such as Samsung that use the Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge could be a major factor in the Apple decision and we could see them looking to move toward something similar to the “Always ON” screen features now being seen on this years new handsets.



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