iPhone 6s Rumour Roundup


The iPhone 6 has been on shelves for a while now and no sooner does a new flagship arrive than our thoughts turn to the next release in the line, fickle beings that we are. So here we take a look at all the gossip, rumour and speculation about the next big Apple release in our iPhone 6s Rumour Roundup.


iPhone 6s Design


The overall look of the phone isn’t expected to change much between the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s although there has been some deliberation about subtle changes including the possibility of doing away with the home button.


iphone 6s design


The metal used on the Apple Watch Sport, Series 7000 Aluminium alloy, could make an appearance on the iPhone 6s and this would do away with those pesky bending problems of previous models.


Rumours of a patent application for an edged curved display set tongues wagging that the iPhone 6s could be getting a curved display but as would be a considerable change from the iPhone 6 we should expect any major changes to be reserved for the iPhone 7 release in 2016.


The screen sizes should stay the same with the iPhone 6s having a 4.7-inch screen and the iPhone 6s Plus coming in with a 5.5-inch display.


Another rumour around the overall look of the iPhone 6s suggests that Apple will be adding another colour option to the range in the form of rose gold.


iPhone 6s Specifications


The main focus from Apple will be on improved the overall specifications of the iPhone 6s and this will begin with the latest processor. The A9 chip will be manufactured by Apple’s long-term rivals Samsung and is rumoured to be 15% smaller and 20% more powerful as well as 35% more efficient for even better battery life.


A9 processor


A 2GB RAM rumour would certainly be appreciated by iPhone fans if it turns out to be true and with users continually using more memory the removal of the 16GB model altogether in favour of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants instead will also go down well.


The recent acquisition by Apple of a DSLR camera company has given rise to lots of talk of enhanced camera functionality and quality on the iPhone 6s with a 12-megapixel camera expected to be the lens of choice.


iphone 6s camera


The Force Touch feature seen on the Apple Watch is expected to make an appearance on the iPhone 6s, this feature measures how hard you are pressing on the screen which could be used to create shortcuts depending on if you apply a quick tap or extended press on the screen.


iphone 6s feature Force Touch


A new iPhone means a new iOS and this will be the iOS 9 and with Apple adding more features and resources into Apple Pay we should expect to see some integration in the latest iPhone release.


iPhone 6s iOS 9


iPhone 6s Release Date


Speculation has earmarked the iPhone 6s for release around August or September, however a recently leaked memo from Vodafone pegs the iPhone 6s release date as September 25th.


What do you hope to see on the latest iPhone? Will you upgrade to an iPhone 6s or will you wait for the iPhone 7? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below or join us on Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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