iPhone 5S Could Launch Early


Apple iPhone 5

The latest iPhone is only just out of the gate and it looks like Apple is planning to get the next one to us earlier than usual. According to sources quoting the Chinese Commercial Times the next iPhone will be going into production very soon.


A production schedule like this could see the next phone hitting shelves in spring next year, and as Apple upgraded the iPad quicker than their usual roll out this could be a possibility.


Dubbed the iPhone 5S, the latest phone is said to be going into production with initial volumes of 50,000 to 100,000 units and larger numbers if all goes well. According to the source the reason the iPhone 5S has gone into production so soon is because of volume production problems with the current iPhone 5. Being unable to get the volumes produced has had to make Apple look at the components and with new components comes a new model and with the Samsung Galaxy S3 steaming ahead to take top selling smartphone perhaps Apple hope to get some of those sales with even more iPhones on the market.


As usual no confirmation from Apple on this rumour and if it’s true the people who were quick to grab an iPhone 5 at launch won’t be impressed as they will be tied into lengthy contracts with a soon to be out of date iPhone.


Watch this space for further information.


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