iPhone 5 to have 4.6-inch display?


The latest rumour surrounding the much anticipated iPhone 5 is that it will feature a whopping 4.6-inch display. The unnamed supplier told a Korean newspaper that Apple has ordered the bigger screens for its latest iPhone.



Is this likely to be true? As Apple products utilise Retina displays a screen this size could make the iPhone take on tablet proportions. This display would be over an inch bigger than the current iPhone 4S, which is a big jump and not one usually taken by customer savvy Apple.


This coupled with the statement made by Steve Jobs that the iPhone would not sport a screen bigger than 3.6-inches as this would impact battery life and fundamentally change the iPhone experience make this rumour highly unlikely to be true.


However the iPhone 5 rumours rumble on and as always we will just have to wait for Apple to make it all official before we get to know the real details of the iPhone 5.


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