iPhone 5 takes Samsung Galaxy SIII off the top spot for mobile web traffic


Apple iPhone 5

A recent study conducted by Chitika, an ad network, has found that the iPhone 5 now accounts for 3% of all mobile internet traffic. This figure may not sound high but this means that the iPhone 5 is used more than any other smartphone for connecting to the internet.


The iPhone 5 launched on September 29th and the huge demand and high sales figures have seen the phone push past the competition to take the top spot for mobile web browsing. The report also showed that when combined with all the other iOS devices Apple users account for 46% of all mobile traffic.


Samsung has just 17% of the total traffic with the Samsung Galaxy SIII taking second place to the latest iPhone with 2% of the mobile users accessing the internet on their smartphones.


This latest report was compiled using “millions of mobile ad impressions spanning a 7 day timeframe from October 3rd to October 9th 2012”. Reports using ad impressions are not widely accepted by the industry but these figures do show the dominance of Samsung and Apple in the smartphone market.


So with the two big players dominating the smartphone market is their room for anyone else? What kind of phone would it take to knock these two off the top spot?


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