iPhone 5 ships today, queues began yesterday

iPhone 5 Queue BirminghamThe iPhone 5 went on sale today with expectant queues outside Apple stores eager to be among the first to lay their hands on the must-have device.


Queues outside the Apple store in Birmingham’s Bullring began as early as Thursday night and stretched back hundreds of people long by the time doors opened at 8.00am. Five minutes later, the store had sold out of the 16GB and 32GB black models leaving much of the queue disappointed.


Mehmood and his friends began queuing at 3am in order to get as close to the front of the queue as possible and were surprised that they found themselves so far back. “We will have been queuing for seven hours before we get our hands on the phone” he explained, “some people started queuing yesterday evening.”



iPhone 5 queue


Despite the wait, spirits were high as water and pizza were distributed and the queue began to move slowly. However curious onlookers could barely hide their disbelief at its growing length. “You wouldn’t believe that there’s a recession on” said Margaret Churcher, from Kidderminster. “It’s really cold too!”


With two million pre-orders already in the bag, analysts are predicting up to eight million units will ship globally in the first weekend of orders. This represents quite an increase on the iPhone 4S, with one million pre-orders and four million units shipped in the first three days.


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