iPhone 5 Rumour Round-up

The world was eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 last year at Apples launch event and as the surprise announcement of the iPhone 4S was revealed we were forced to accept a long wait for the iPhone 5. The 4S delivered many new and impressive features and has proved popular but there are many still excited to see what Apple will do next.


As with any new product from Apple, rumours have been rife as to what we will see on the latest iPhone and we have gathered together some of the most likely features and specs that could be included on the much anticipated iPhone 5.


What will it look like?


Well much debate has been going on as to what form the latest release from Apple will take including rumours of a monstrous 5-inch display. Such a large display would make the iPhone much bigger than many smartphones available so it is more likely to be around 4-inches which will make it bigger than previous versions but not as beasty as a 5-inch model.


Concept image of iPhone 5


The overall design has apparently had an overhaul so a new casing is likely and as no-one can really do design like Apple I can’t wait to see what they do with this aspect of the phone. Rumours of a tear-drop design are unlikely as, whilst Apple do like to stand out this could be going too far.


What will be under the hood?


As per previous model launches, what the phone can do has been the subject of much speculation and as the 4S delivered Siri, a dual core processor and an improved camera the iPhone 5 is bound to have a few new exciting features.


As quad-core is the “new thing” for 2012 it is likely the iPhone 5 specs will include a quad-core processor, as Apple use their own processors it’s expected to have an A6 quad-core chip on board.



With many 4G handsets already available in the USA, Apple are highly likely to incorporate 4G/LTE technology into the latest iPhones although the UK won’t experience 4G for a while yet.


As the iOS 6 and iCloud are set to be released this year it’s safe to assume the latest iPhone will be packing iOS 6 and whatever juicy new features that may include. The 4S camera was bumped up to 8-megapixels and even though there are some handsets out there with 12-megapixel snappers it is more likely to stay around the 8-megapixel mark but as the latest iPad supports full HD this is likely to be included on the new phone.


Even the release date is up for speculation but we can be sure it won’t be revealed at the MWC 2012, which is the launchpad for most manufacturers’ flagship devices.  The World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) held by Apple in June is a candidate for the product launch, but it could be debuted at a special event as late as October.


As with previous models it will all come down to personal taste, with those devoted to Apple products likely to embrace the new phone with fervour whilst fans of other manufacturers and platforms such as Android won’t bat an eyelid at the latest edition of the revolutionary iPhone.



However you feel about the iPhone, it can’t be denied that Apple always bring something different and a little bit special to the industry and the launch of the iPhone 5 is bound to be no exception.


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