iPhone 5 – More Idle Speculation

The iPhone 5 rumour mill is still churning, and amidst the more outlandish predictions, a couple of credible ones have surfaced via Bloomberg.

The first is that it will have the same A5 processor that the iPad 2 sports.
If this is true it will make the iPhone 5 a real powerhouse of a phone, able to do all sorts of things faster than before.

The second rumour is of an 8mp camera, which would put the iPhone 5 at the top of the pile in terms of camera resolution.

As for release dates, rumours seem to be converging around an announcement in August and phones on shelves in late august/early September.

This is all very interesting, but how about something genuinely innovative? What about a built in hovercraft, or a toaster, or a kitten launcher?

What do you think, what new features should the iPhone 5 have?
Tell us in the comments.

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