iPhone 5 display “at least 4-inches” in size


Reports have suggested that the latest iPhone from Apple will have a screen size “of at least 4-inches”. According to the Wall Street Journal sources have revealed that the production of displays for the iPhone 5 will begin production next month and will measure at least 4-inches.


With production only beginning next month we can be pretty sure that the new iPhone will not be launched at the WWDC as previously hoped and it is more likely to follow the previous product launch pattern of September/October.



So with all previous models of the iPhone sporting a display of 3.5-inches it looks like Apple has finally had to be swayed by the other players in the arena such as the Galaxy S3 and the One X to ensure their offering isn’t dwarfed by the competition.


Confirmed specs are still under wraps but as Apple has moved over to larger screens we can but hope that the sixth generation iPhone will also include a quad-core processor to compete with the S3.


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