iPhone 5 4G Not Compatible with All UK Networks




The launch of the iPhone 5 has been long awaited and now networks and UK retailers are taking pre-orders , the sales of this phone are expected to be higher than any other iPhone previously released.

Whilst all the networks will be eager for your order for the iPhone 5, Vodafone and O2 will no doubt be wondering how to handle the fact that this latest generation iPhones 4G capabilities will not work on their networks. So if you are looking to order an iPhone 5 and are looking forward to enjoying 4G superfast browsing you may have to consider another network.


The iPhone 5 uses the 1800MHz frequency for its 4G services and this is the frequency that both Orange and T-Mobile use, but Vodafone and O2 will not be compatible with the 4G feature on the latest iPhone. This is also the frequency that Three will be using thanks to acquiring some of the extra bandwidth from Orange and T-Mobile. Everything Everywhere (T-Mobile and Orange) created their 4G network EE and this will be compatible with the iPhone 5 too.


Similar issues have been faced by network providers in the USA as there has not been a worldwide standard used and many carriers have used different frequencies to set up their 4G networks. Apple did work around this problem in the US by creating network specific models for the different frequencies – although there is no confirmation that this is what they will do for us in the UK.


So for now we shall have to see how the sales of the iPhone 5 fare for both Vodafone and O2 and whether they will be allowing customers to change to a network specific model should one be released.


Are you on Vodafone or O2? Would this make you switch to another network that the iPhone 5 4G services would work on?


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