Goodbye iPhone 5 hello iPhone 4S!

iPhone 4S pre-order from 7th October

The iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order from the 7th October and stock will be available from the 14th October.

iPhone 4S digital assistant “Siri”

Airplay wireless mirroring on the iPhone 4S allows you to wirelessly stream gameplay, videos and more to an Apple TV. The rumour mill was rife about an Assistant app on the new handset and it comes in the form of Siri, this voice activated assistant allows users to ask questions and get answers. Want to know the weather? ask Siri, this handy assistant can also read your messages to you and set reminders or alarms.

iPhone 4S camera spec confirmed

The iPhone 4S will include an improved optical package with an 8 megapixel snapper on board boasting 60% more pixels than the iPhone 4 at 3264 x 2448. The camera is super snappy too with only 0.5 seconds between shots and it will also be able to record full HD videos in 1080p.

iPhone 4S more specs confirmed

More specs are now being confirmed for the iPhone 4S. Improved wireless system that will switch between antennas for better call quality and faster downloads.

iPhone 4S specs confirmed

And now to more of what we are waiting for! The iPhone 4S is finally official and as previous rumours speculated it will feature the A5 chip (as in the iPad) and a Retina display. The chip makes the handset super swift and 7x faster graphics will offer up a slick experience.

iOS 5 release date confirmed as the 12th October.

Apple has now confirmed the launch date for iOS 5 as the 12th October. The latest OS sees iMessage allowing users to send messages between iOS devices as well as location-based reminders. Twitter lovers will also be happy with the improved integration in the new OS.

 iPhone 4S Release Date 14th October leaked

The tech world and everyone else is abuzz with imminent news from the Apple “Let’s talk iPhone” event and it looks like a few little leaks have sprung out to keep everyone speculating up to the last minute. Apple’s Japanese site has released news that the iPhone 4S will launch on October 14th, this has fanned the flames of another rumour that the much talked about and anticipated iPhone 5 will not be announced during this event. It’s not like Apple to throw us a curve ball like that right?

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