Iphone 4 is The Most Accident Prone Phone

American gadget insurer SquareTrade released figures yesterday showing that of all the smartphones on the market the Iphone 4 was the most likely to get broken accidentally, with a staggering 13.8% accidental damage rate compared to only 6.7% for Blackberry phones.

These figures need some thinking through, it could be that the Iphone 4 is easier to drop or that it’s more likely to break if you do drop it – which makes sense when you consider it’s glass construction – or combination of the two. ┬áNo doubt there will be speculation that Iphone owners are butter fingered, but the sample is large enough to rule out individuals being more or less accident prone, whatever is going on is down to the phones. This is illustrated further by the fact that the iPhone 3GS has a lower accident rate of only 9.3%.

On the plus side for Apple, the iPhone4 is reported as being the least likely to breakdown of it’s own accord with a 12 month failure rate of 2.1% compared with 6.3% for Blackberry – maybe that explains why Blackberry phones are less likely to get damaged in accidents, perhaps they break on their own first?

The data from SquareTrade also suggested that despite being among the most complex devices available, smartphones are less likely to break down than any other type of gadget except for digital cameras.

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