iPhone 4 Available on Five networks!

That’s right everybody the iPhone 4 has arrived after months of rumours and a few unfortunate (for Apple) leaks.

Apple fans will obviously be dying to get their hands on the latest iPhone whether it is any good or not but looking at the specs we don’t think they will be too disappointed. The first thing you notice when looking at the new iPhone is its more structured design. This is mainly due to the flat glass front and back which is fully surrounded by a fancy stainless steel band that doubles as a pair of antennae to improve the signal for GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi. This new design is one of the thinnest smartphones on the market measuring just 9.3mm thick.  The screen size has remained the same but the resolution has been greatly improved to 960 x 640 pixels making it better than anything else around.

Other significant changes include the addition of a front facing camera for video calling using Apple’s own “FaceTime” technology which can also be used on the rear camera. This rear camera has predictably been upgraded to a 5 megapixel camera and now comes with a flash which can also be used with the HD video recorder which is a pretty decent improvement from the iPhone 3G.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, the new iPhone OS allows users to multitask and the interface has been tweeked a little to show off the high res display but it generally sticks to the winning formula of the original interface.  The processor has also been enhanced to the same standard as the iPad which will make multi tasking a pretty smooth experience. Battery life has also improved so hopefully there will be a few less complaints about that issue this time around! Other improvements have been made to the iBooks offering and the WiFi technology.

So what’s on offer? Well five networks are offering the iPhone 4 so there will be plenty of deals on offer. O2 have announced that it will offer its customers an early upgrade if they want the iPhone 4 but you will need to pay off the reminder of your contract (£20 a month) and get an iPhone 4 on a new 18 or 24-month one.

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