iPhone 11 to have PowerShare wireless charging

A new feature on some phones this year has been the ability to use the wireless charging feature to reverse charge your other devices. Apple is now jumping on that bandwagon if the latest rumour is true. The new iPhone 11 will be able to wirelessly charge your devices.

Reverse wireless charging on the iPhone 11

This latest rumour about the Apple iPhone 11 heads to us from a Japanese blog, Mac Otakara. Apparently, insiders are pointing to PowerShare technology being included in the latest iPhone 11.


It may not be available across all the models, the usual tack is to drop some of the features on the cheaper model.

This would be a welcome feature allowing you to charge up our Airpods or Apple Watch using the iPhone 11. This isn’t anything new, there have been a number of smartphones with PowerShare including the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apple iPhone 11 rumours

As expected, the iPhone 11 is the subject of many rumours flying around at the moment. Some of the highlights include speculation that the new phone will be getting a triple lens camera. The new lens configuration on the iPhone 11 has been reported by a number of sources so it could make it onto the final release.

Other tidbits include faster charging with an 18W USB-C to Lightning cable. Another iPhone 11 rumour pointed to a new security feature that would scan the veins on your face to unlock the phone.

Whatever makes it onto the final version of the iPhone 11 we will let you know so watch this space.

Are you waiting for the iPhone 11? What features do you want to see Apple add to their latest flagship? Share your thoughts below.

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