iPhone 11 gets a triple camera and iPhone 12 to have a 3D laser camera


The rumour mill is always buzzing about the next smartphone release and the Apple launch is a popular topic. The latest information seems to hint that the iPhone 11 may have a triple camera and the 12s will have a 3D laser camera.



iPhone 11 triple camera



The latest report comes from Bloomberg and it shows what camera configuration is expected on the newly released iPhone for 2019. The triple lens is expected to include whide-angle photos and videos. This triple camera setup has already been seen on devices from LG and Huawei. It looks like Apple are playing catchup in the number of camera lenses but as we know, Apple camera features are usually top notch. A triple lens camera from Apple should deliver some pretty special images and features.


The phone camera is expected to have a higher pixel count and software to repair images if people end up out of the frame.


It is expected that the iPhone 11 Max will have the triple lens camera, this makes sense and is consistent with previous launches. The standard iPhone and XR models are not likely to have this feature this year but it may come in later releases.




iPhone 11 specifications


The iPhone 11 will be coming with a few new features and tweaks including an improved Live Photos feature. Live Photo was introduced in 2015 and has pretty much remained the same since launch. Now Apple will double the video capture to 6 seconds before and after the photo is taken.


A few rumours point to Apple adopting the USB-C port and ditching the Lightning connector. This is still very much a wait and see at this point.


The new A13 processor is likely to be on board and we can expect a few improvements with upgrades to the Face ID camera software.



iPhone 12


Even though the iPhone 11 hasn’t been released that hasn’t stopped rumours about the iPhone 12 popping up. This 2020 iPhone release is rumoured to be getting some improved technology.


3D camera technology is expected to be used on the rear camera of the iPhone 12. Rather than using the TrueDepth projection technology, the 3D camera will use a laser scanner system.


This accurate laser scanner could work for distances of up to 15 feet and could add up to impressive AR visuals and effects.


Although there were rumours that this laser-powered camera could be used on this years iPhone it looks like it has been put back to next year.




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