iPad Mini on the Horizon?

Could we see an iPad Mini in 2012? Well the rumour mill is abuzz with speculation of a pint-size offering of Apples hugely popular tablet device. Small stature could also mean small price so for those who just could not bring themselves to buy the iPad 2 could be tempted with this affordable option.


Rumours of a smaller iPad have come to light before but Steve Jobs was adamant it wasn’t going to happen stating that “10-inch is the minimum screen size to create great tablet apps”. However the growing momentum of the Kindle Fire and cheaper smaller tablets on offer Apple may have to reconsider their position on this.

The rumoured mini iPad is said to have a screen size of just 7.85-inch and could be available before Christmas 2012 and of course everyone is eagerly awaiting Apples announcement of the iPad 3 in 2012 too.

So whether a more affordable and compact iPad is on the way remains to be seen and as we have no firm details the only way we will know for sure is when Apple give us the official nod. So would you like an iPad Mini or do you think the smaller screen will sacrifice functionality?

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