iPad Mini Images Pop Up


The iPad Mini has shown up a few times with leaked images and tidbits of information from “sources in the know” of what to expect from this iPad mini-me.


Well now some new images have appeared and whether they are fake or not remains to be seen, this time the photos have been revealed on a Chinese website and look to be what you would expect from a mini version of the iPad.


The images are of a non-functioning iPad Mini and show the tablet to be 7.85-inches with the backplate showing a camera and power buttons on the front as well as a volume control.


It is expected that the iPad Mini will use the same operating system as its larger sibling and this latest addition to the iPad lineup is expected to tempt over those not wanting to pay the larger price tag for the original iPad.


As you would expect there is no confirmation from Apple as to whether the iPad Mini is indeed heading our way but there is a rumoured event from them in October which could be when we will see this little fella become official.


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