iPad Mini 2 Planned with Retina Display


The iPad Mini has only just hit the shelves but already Apple is planning the next version with rumours of the iPad 2 surfacing from manufacturers in China.


The main difference with the next model will be a Retina display, something lacking from the current iPad Mini and a popular feature on other devices like the iPhone 5 and other iPad models. The reason for not including a Retina display on the teeny iPad was a technical issue with it draining the battery and affecting the quality on the smaller display.


Apparently Sharp IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology will solve this problem so the next generation of iPad Mini will be sporting the much loved Retina display.


The iOS is bound to be updated on the next model and we should see a better processor on it too as well as a thinner frame with no light leakage issues, a problem reported on the current model.


The lack of Retina display may have surprised many but it doesn’t seem to have caused too many problems with the iPad Mini hitting record sales numbers straight from release and with the usual Apple product roll out plan expected the current Mini should get a year of sales in before the new model is launched at the end of 2013.


Do you have an iPad Mini? How does it compare to other smaller tablets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.


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