iPad 3 to be named after Steve Jobs?

iPad 3 to be named after Steve Jobs?With the launch of the iPad 3 now announced for March 7, speculation has hit fever pitch about what new features it will include. However it’s what Apple will call it that might pull the biggest surprise, with rumours abound that it will pay tribute to the late Steve Jobs by naming it after him.


Apple has already honoured its founder by dedicating the website’s home page to him as well as holding a private dinner, however this would come as the most public acknowledgment of a man that steered the company to its current position as the world’s most valuable.


87% of people surveyed in Britain this week think that Apple should name the forthcoming iPad 3 after Steve Jobs and think it would be a fitting accolade. “Steve Jobs is the reason that Apple is so successful,” said Alice Churcher, a student from Birmingham. “Naming the new iPad after him would be an appropriate legacy and something I would like to see.” Of the remaining 13%, opinion was split, with 6% suggesting that it wouldn’t be appropriate for a company to name a product after an individual, no matter what influence they had.


With vacuum cleaners more commonly known as hoovers, a name coined after the American man that first mass-manufactured it, calling the iPad 3 the iPad 3SJ or even the Jobs iPad, wouldn’t be setting an unusual precedent. Whether or not Apple decide to mark the passing of its founder in this manner, what is for certain is that speculation and rumour about its new products has become an industry in itself. Sky Bet is now offering a range of different odds on the different things the iPad 3 might feature.


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