iPad 3 or iPad HD? Apple Product Launch Event Today


There is much excitement today in the tech industry as we all await the official announcement of the next iPad and it seems the latest tablet from Apple will be the iPad HD and not the iPad 3 as expected.


The event will take place at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco and before it all becomes official we have just enough time to get our predictions in.


As the name would suggest the display will be pretty impressive and should be a larger Retina display as seen on the iPhone 4S. Rumour has it the screen will have a whopping 1536 x 2048 resolution, that’s twice the resolution currently on the iPad 2.


Whilst rumours have been pointing to the latest iPhone 5 sporting a quad-core processor, if further rumours are to be believed Apple will stick with a dual-core processor in the iPad HD.


4G/LTE is highly likely to be on board but as this new technology is a big drain on the battery Apple may have to combat this with some power management features, perhaps with a new iOS – rumoured to be iOS 6.


There is so much speculation flying round and as usual the only way to get to the real facts is to wait for the official word from Apple, so we will know for sure later today.


Could more than one device be showcased? The speculation of an iPad Mini has received mixed reactions as Steve Jobs always said such a small screen would ruin the Apple experience. Well we shall just have to wait and see.


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