iPad 3 – More specs leaked


The iPad 3 rumours are abound again with one of Apple‘s manufacturing partners leaking specifications to Bloomberg. Of the rumoured specs a higher resolution screen has been suggested as well as a quad-core processor and LTE support.


The screen will apparently have a higher resolution than the iPad2 and have more pixels than some of the HDTV’s available today. There will also be extra graphics power for impressive video playing performance according to the source.



As well as these leaked specs the manufacturing partners of Apple also said that production of the iPad 3 has already begun with full volume manufacturing anticipated next month.


The LTE feature is not going to benefit UK users until our 4G network is up and running so the leaked specs are pretty much what you would expect from the next step on the iPad road.


We are still waiting for details of release dates but it is anticipated we should see the official launch in March as this corresponds with previous years product launches.

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