iPad 2 Incoming

Rumours are circulating throughout the IT industry that Apple will release the iPad 2 in early 2011,  Digitimes reported that other tablet manufacturers are concerned that they may be pipped to the post by the forthcoming iPad 2.

Given Apple’s early lead in the market, other manufacturers are likely to suffer, many of the companies working on tablet devices have not yet released their first attempt, so if Apple get a “next generation” product to market as early as some are predicting then it will surely strengthen their hold on the market.

Apart from presumably being magical, the next iteration of the iPad will likely be lighter – apple have just filed a patent for a carbon fibre case – and hopefully expand on the functionality. Rumours suggest that the new version will support more network standards so it will work world wide and the addition of a front facing camera to work with facetime, but other than that new features are anyone’s guess.

If previous apple product development is anything to go by, it will be lighter, prettier and cheaper. I would like to see the addition of a USB port, multitasking,  a matt screen and perhaps an SD card slot.

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