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New research conducted by World Panel Com Tech has shown that iOS has now taken the lead over Android in the US smartphone market. The figures now stand at 48.1 percent to Apple and 46.7 percent to Google’s Android, so not exactly a staggering lead but ahead of them none the less.

Apple iPhone 5


The same situation occurred last year when Apple released the 4S, so this jump to the top will be thanks to the popularity of the latest iPhone 5. A report by another research company in July had the figures at 52.5 percent for Android and only 33.4 percent to Apple so these latest stats show a huge boost in the popularity of the iOS platform in the US.


The last 12 weeks has seen a large boom in the uptake of Apple iOS products and the same company that conducted the research believe that iOS could reach 49.3% share of the smartphone market over the next two sales periods, giving Apple its biggest ever share of the US market.



This dominance in the USA has not reached the UK and Europe as Android still sits firmly on the top with the likes of the Galaxy S3 making huge sales for the OS. The battle between Apple and Google has been raging for some time with both OS makers streaming ahead of the rest of the pack with no signs of an y contenders to present a real challenge.

The UK has long been a lover of all things Android with Apple sitting in the second spot and it seems we are not the only ones with the German market having a whopping 73.9 percent on Android in the smartphone market and Spain has even more with 81.7 percent.


The US seems to buck the trend, although it has been a back and forth between the two top OS providers, with research pointing to the main reasons for success for Apple in this arena being down to customer loyalty with 62% of iPhone 5 sales coming from existing users upgrading their iPhone.  Analysts suspect that Android could take over the lead from Apple in the USA again next year as the anticipated release of phones such as the Galaxy S4 and the Sony iPhone 5 competitor should see a bump in Android sales worldwide.


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