iOS 9 – First Impressions


The launch of iOS 9 is drawing closer and with many users anticipating big things from the newly released OS we take a look and give you our first impressions of iOS 9.


iOS 9 Design


ios 9 design


At first glance the iOS 9 overall design and look has not take any big strides away from iOS 8 so fans will be pleased to be able to make the transition without too much confusion.


iOS 8 had quite an overhaul compared to its predecessor when it came to style and looks so no big marked changes in the new iOS 9 is a smart move by Apple. Many users were happy to see the new simplified look and cleaner looking icons on the last iOS update and keeping this look on iOS 9 will be a welcome move for existing users.


iOS 9 Features


ios 9 features


Siri has become a popular part of the iOS system and this latest version has been updated to give you a more proactive style with Siri allowing you to add events to your calendar and the ability to scan through your downloaded apps to add reminders and content.


ios 9 siri


Siri can also now remind you of things based on your location or the time of day and it is now able to respond to a whole new variety of specific voice commands e.g. “show me my recent videos”.

The built-in Notes app has added functionality with users now being able to insert checklists, videos and photos onto your notes as well as the ability to write out notes using your finger instead of the usual keypad method.

A new iOS 9 feature is the addition of a News app on the homescreen, this is very similar to the Flipboard app giving you updates and news stories from publications and topics you are interested in.


news app ios 9


Multitasking has had an overhaul with the addition of Slide Over which allows you to simply snap apps to one side of the screen or the other and easily switch between them. FaceTime now has added functionality with the ability to browse through apps while on a FaceTime call.


The search facility Spotlight can now be accessed by swiping to the left of the home screen or by a pull down motion on the centre of the screen (as in iOS 8) and now includes search results from your device contacts, nearby locations and apps as well as the usual web results.


ios 9 lower case keypad



A couple of minor tweaks have been added one of which is the keyboard, instead of always displaying upper case letters all the time you will now see upper and lower case keypads when typing. Another new little addition is the “selfie” folder which will keep all your selfie shots organised within a folder in the Photos app.


The Find My Friends app and Find my iPhone app now come pre-installed and can no longer be deleted even if you don’t want them.


Power management on any smartphone can be a contentious issue and Apple has put some thought into this with the iOS 9 release. Low Power Mode is now on board so if you are running low on power you can simply switch to this mode to save valuable juice and give you more time to get to your charger. The phone will now also detect when the device is face down and switch off the screen to save power.


Other features of iOS 9 include more secure passcode options giving you the ability to set a 6-digit code to unlock your phone and there is now Android migration for anyone that is making the move to an iOS 9 device over from a Google Android one.


What do you think of the changes to the latest iOS 9? Will you make the switch from Android to Apple? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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