iOS 7 – Apple Reveals latest OS

The new OS from Apple has finally been revealed and as this is the first real shake-up of the system since the first iPhone was released there has been much buzz about iOS 7.


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iOS 7 Main Features


The new design, created by John Ive, has seen the iOS move away from textured icons for a cleaner and simple look. This re-design is aimed to make iOS7 much easier to use and more natural for users, although some say it just looks a bit more like Android than it did before.


ios 7



The overhauled interface was not the only change with new features such as transparent animations and a new Control Centre. The Control Centre was one of the focused features during the Apple presentation and this new addition allows users to access the Control Centre by simply swiping up the screen no matter what app is being used.


Other enhancements include an update to Siri with extra voices and new commands as well as changes to multitasking with visuals showing each app to switch too rather than small bar on the bottom of the screen.



ios 7 iradio


The WWDC was the platform for the launch of the latest iOS and this was also the venue for giving us all a look at iRadio which has been spoken about for a while. This music streaming service is more like the offering from Spotify when compared to the traditional iTunes music service.


The music app on iOS 7 gives access to iRadio which lets users enjoy music without having to pay for the tracks; however it is a radio service so users will choose stations based on genre and artists they like. The iRadio service will be free of charge, albeit with some adverts to keep it that way.


The latest iOS 7 is expected to feature on the iPhone 6 which could be released later this year and these changes will be welcomed as many users think Apple has not changed anything enough since the iOS launch.


The Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple, Craig Federighi has this to say “This is a clear statement from Apple that it acknowledges the need to refresh the user interface and is willing to do something pretty dramatic.”



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Written by: Carmel Brown

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