iOS 11 announced

iOS 11 announced


Apple has announced iOS 11 at their latest developer conference and this free software update will be released to consumers this autumn. Here we take a look at the iOS 11 features for iPhone and iPad.




There are 375 million devices using Siri across the world and for iOS 11 the digital assistant gets a much needed update. Siri will use machine learning and AI to develop the male and female voices, making them more natural sounding through the use of pitch, tempo, emphasis and intonation.


On-device learning will be more proactive and offer suggestions based upon your usage of Messages, Safari, News and Mail. Siri will also be able to translate English into Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Italian.


Pro camera features


Apple Loop effect photos


Live Photos get new Bounce and Loop effects, with a long exposure capturing time and movement. On the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, image file sizes will be reduced through High Efficiency File Format processing.


Apple Pay


Apple Pay will become more useful by adding the option to make and receive payments to or from friends. You can ask Siri to pay someone or use Messages to send money or get paid. Money received can be used for purchasing Apple services or you can send funds to a bank account.


Do Not Disturb


Do Not Disturb While Driving


iOS 11 will improve driver safety by detecting when you might be driving and by then automatically silencing notifications. You can also opt to have an automatic reply sent to Favorite contacts, should they try and get in touch.


Apple Maps


iOS 11 updates Apple Maps to include indoor maps of major shopping centres and airports.


One-handed keyboard mode


On the iPhone a new one-handed keyboard mode makes typing easier, while on the iPad iOS 11 introduces a QuickType keyboard with quick access to symbols, numbers and punctuation.


There are also updates and user interface improvements for Apple Music, Apple News, AirPlay 2, Home, App Store, Control Centre and App Store for iMessage.


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