iOS 10 News, Features and Release Date

The latest operating system from Apple, iOS 10, has been unveiled at their annual WWDC event and it looks like there are plenty of changes to look forward to. Here we take a look at what you can expect from iOS 10 and when you are likely see it on your device.


iOS 10 new features


ios 10 home screen


The lock screen on the iPad and iPhone has been updated to remove the slide to unlock and is replaced with a simple “Press Home to open”. The raise to wake function that has been added means you can simply pick up the phone to wake it up so you can go past lock screen notifications with a simple touch of the TouchID home button.


3D Touch menu options have been added to enhance the lock screen notifications allowing you use a hard press on a calendar notification to open a hidden menu to accept or decline it.


ios 10 3dtouch


Messages can also be replied to from the lock screen using the 3D touch function to bring up menu options and there is a new option to clear all your notifications from the drop down menu with a simple hard press on the x button, removing the need to swipe each notification to get rid of it.


The Control Center has seen a revamp too with a simplified look that is much less cluttered than on iOS 9 and now shows only four app shortcuts. Users can now slide the Control Center to the right to access the music controls giving a dedicated screen for music control.


ios 10 clear all notifications new feature


More enhancements to 3D Touch has been added to various apps allowing you to peek at various apps without ever leaving the homescreen making it much quicker to check notifications and other features.


Siri has been improved with even better understanding of commands allowing you to ask in various ways for an action and it is much more likely to be understood by the app. Siri will also work with many more third party apps such as Uber to get you a cab or Pinterest to search for a photo as well as pause or resume workouts in fitness apps such as Runtastic and MapMyRun.


siri update


iOS 10 is going to be using “advanced computer vision” to easier organise your photos with the ability to create albums using face recognition and scene recognition.


Apple Maps has received some criticism in the past about usability and Apple has tried to address this with some improved functionality. Now users can scroll ahead to look further along their journey or scroll around the map, which in the current app is difficult as the app keeps taking you back to your current position.


Apple Home using HomeKit is coming to iOS 10 with the app containing control functions for all of your IoT gadgets in one simple interface.


Other improvements include Messages seeing bigger emojis and the keyboard recognising certain words that can be replaced with emojis and you can hand-write responses and use Tapbacks to express emotions to individual messages.


ios 10 compatible models

The iOS 10 update will be rolling out to the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, iPhone SE and iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus, 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.


iPad 4th generation models will get the update along with the iPad Air, Air 2, iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4 and the iPod touch 6th generation will get iOS 10 too.


iOS 10 release date


The public beta release is scheduled for July so if you are keen to get to grips with iOS 10 then you won’t have to wait too long. Should you prefer to wait for the final version after all the bugs have been ironed out then the roll out should be coming along with the release of the iPhone 7 in September.


Are you waiting for the iOS 10 update? will you wait until September for the final version? Do you think this latest update is a good move by Apple? Share your thoughts below or join us on Google+.

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