IFA 2016 Berlin: What to expect

The IFA 2016 is  upon us and this conference in Berlin is set to deliver lots of great things in smartphones, wearables and other technology. Here we take a look at what we can expect to see at the IFA 2016 from the big names and what we are most looking forward to getting a detailed look at.


Sony at IFA 2016


Sony always has a strong presence at the event and delivers plenty of stuff to get excited about and this year the invite for the September 1st conference promises lots and lots of great stuff.



sony ifa 2016 conference


The company is expected to be showcasing everything from PlayStation VR to a huge range of gadgets including headphones, a television and new cameras and a smartphone announcement is also rumoured.


Leaked benchmark tests revealed a handset that looks to stack up against the current Xperia X performance which could mean we will see the long awaited Sony Xperia Z2 debuted at the event.


The PlayStation VR will likely get lots of attention as the gaming world moves more towards Virtual Reality gaming and technology and we expect lots of manufacturers will be showing off their VR wares.




There is a separate event coming from LG on September 6th for their next flagship device, the LG V20, so we won’t be seeing this at IFA although there should still be plenty on offer.


flex 3 lg deals


The next in the Flex range is expected to pop up at IFA 2016 with the LG Flex 3 offering up a 5.5inch display, 4GB RAM, 16-meapixel camera and a Snapdragon 820 chip. The big news on the Flex 3 is that is it possible that the modular design seen on the LG G5 could also be used on this model so we shall see if that pans out.


HTC One A9s


HTC rumours have been thin on the ground recently with the manufacturer seeming to stick to a flagship focus and not much else but it could be that the new HTC One A9s will be revealed at the IFA 2016.


htc one a9s launched



Specification details are limited although image leaks do have a striking resemblance to the iPhone with the phone packing a 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel camera package. Not much else is know about what will be packed into the HTC One A9s but as the rumour release date is September 1st there is not long to wait and see.


Samsung IFA 2016 Event


Samsung has already delivered great things this year with the Samsung Galaxy S7 but they are not stopping there as they have two IFA events scheduled.


The event today is expected to be all about the next Samsung Gear smartwatch as the invite to the event seems to display two watch hands so it’s a safe bet.


gear s3 models


There is rumours of multiple Gear S3 watches with a Gear S3 Classic, Gear S3 Explorer and Gear S3 Frontier expected to be unveiled at the event.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 should also be featured at the conference and it should feature support for the new Galaxy Note 7.


galaxy tab s3 release


Other things to be featured by Samsung include a Family Hub refrigerator, new curved displays and new camera models.


That’s what we are looking forward to over the IFA event how about you? The official dates for IFA 2016 Berlin are 2nd to 7th September but as you can see some manufacturers are getting in early with their events.


What are you hoping to see revealed at the IFA 2016? Will VR be a big feature of this years conference? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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