Huawei P9Max Leaks


The Huawei smartphone steam roller continues to roll steadily onward after the collaboration with Google on the Nexus 6P the company is forging ahead with new phones. The latest rumours are swirling about their next handset release and here we take a look as the Huawei P9Max leaks to see what we will see from Huawei next.


Huawei P9Max Specifications


The Huawei P9Max looks like it will be packing a more compact screen than that seen on the P8Max with a display measuring in at a rumoured 6.2-inches instead of the previous behemoth 6.8-inch one. At 6.2-inches it will still be a big screen when compared to other offerings on the market, although it seems an unusual move to go smaller with anything these days in the smartphone world.


p9 max leaks


The processor will be a Kirin 950 octacore processor that will deliver plenty of oomph when it comes to gaming, entertainment or power hungry apps and with a rumoured 4GB RAM and 64GB on board memory Huawei are certainly not scrimping when it comes to power.


The Android Marshmallow OS will be on board out of the box and with all that on board memory there should be lots of space for even the most avid app hoarders.


The camera package has taken a different approach with dual cameras on the back, think past HTC offerings, so we should expect a whole slew of nifty photo effects and imaging options. The front facing camera is going to be a 5-megapixel lens with the addition of a rumoured flash to light your trout pout to perfection.


p9 benchmark test


The battery size has not been confirmed by the latest batch of rumours but it is expected to handle the big screen easily and with the efficient processor and battery management features of the Android OS we should see a decent usage time between charges.


The Huawei brand has been going from strength to strength in the UK and this latest addition,if the rumoured specs are true, show that the manufacturer is serious about trying to get up there with the likes of Samsung and Apple with UK users. Sales and user feedback will be the real testament to their success capturing the UK smartphone market so we will have to wait and see how it goes.


The phone is expected to make its debut at the MWC so it will be a while until we can get our hands on it for a full picture of the performance so watch this space.


What do you think of the P9Max? Would you buy this instead of your favoured Samsung, Apple or other brand of smartphone?Share your thoughts in the comments below or join in the conversation on Google+.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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