Huawei P9 to come in four variants


Huawei is set to launch its next flagship called the P9 and it now seems that the manufacturer is not content to just give us one version of their best handset yet. The latest rumours reveal that the Huawei P9 will come in four variants with what looks to be a version to suit all budgets.


huawei p9


Huawei P9Lite, P9max and A.nother


Along with the expected Huawei P9 there is believed to be another three versions in the works including a more affordable version called the Huawei P9Lite will deliver some of the best bits of the flagship with a lower price tag.


p9 rumours


The Huawei P9max is also expected to be unveiled at the same time and there is also speculation about another phone that is yet to be named. This additional phone is expected to have a larger display,more RAM and a bigger on board memory. This version is also believed to be packing that 12-megapixel dual lens camera on the back that has been rumoured for the P9.


p9 camera


Another report has indicated that Huawei has decided to not include QHD displays across these four models and the reason for that decision has been based on battery power drainage.


Huawei P9 Release Date


Initially it was believed that Huawei would use the MWC 2016 as the launchpad for the next series of P9 phones but new rumours have been circulating at a release a couple of weeks before the event to perhaps get a jump on the competition. This early release puts the official unveiling in early March so if you are thinking of going for a P9 then you don’t have too long to wait.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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