Huawei Honor V8 teaser points to a dual-camera

The Huawei Honor range is set to have another addition and the manufacturer has now released another teaser to give us some more clues as to what to expect. The latest teaser from Huawei hints that the Honor V8 will have a dual camera, which could be a similar set up to that which has been showcased on the Huawei P9.


honor v8 teaser


Dual Camera Huawei

The Huawei brand has given us dual cameras before on the P6 and the latest release was on the Huawei P9 which sported Leica dual camera lenses on the back.


p9 back


Now it looks like the Honor range will be getting a new flagship model that will also use the dual camera configuration that has been seen on other Huawei models.


Honor V8 Event


The latest teaser from Huawei details the Huawei Honor V8 event and appears to show two cameras depicting the figure eight to give the impression that this handset will be a double trouble camera too.


The rumours about the Honor V8 have been minimal so far with expectations of a Kirin processor and 4GB RAM along with a fingerprint sensor making it a possible equal to the Huawei P9.


p9 white angle


The launch event is taking place on May 10th so it won’t be long until we see the full picture of this phone along with the potential release date for European Markets.


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