Huawei Honor 5X Review

The Huawei range is packed with lots of affordable yet impressive phones and now the manufacturer has created a new top-end phone that is their best looking model yet. Here in my Huawei Honor 5X review I take a look to see if those good looks are matched in usability and features.


Huawei Honor 5X design – Guggenheim inspired


honor 5x colours


Huawei has taken a leaf out of the book of beautiful architecture by using the Guggenheim museum as the inspiration for the overall look of the Honor 5X. The shades of colour chosen for the range reflect how the building looks at different times of day with the choice of daybed silver, dark grey or sunset gold. The beautiful crafting of the aluminium body has been through four finishes to make it strong and striking with a laser-etched logo, diamond polished surfaces, CNC chamfer and sand blasted matte sides.


honor 5x dark grey


Huawei Honor 5X Features


Huawei has not just applied the good stuff to the outside as they have packed the Honor 5X with a 5.5-inch Dull HD display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 and a 1.5GHz octacore processor and 2GB RAM. There is a 16GB memory on board but this can be bolstered with a microSD card up to 128GB so there is plenty of options for adding more space.


honor 5x fingerprint sensor


There is the latest fingerprint sensor on board which is even more accurate than before and it is easily setup and natural to use giving you the peace of mind that your phone is secure. The sensor can unlock the phone quickly it can be used to secure certain files and apps with a visitor mode for anyone that you want to allow to use the phone but limit access to certain information.


5x gaming


The fingerprint sensor has been enhanced even further with additional features such as assigning your fingerprint to a certain contact so you can call them with a simple press of the sensor. A swipe down the sensor will bring up notification and by double tapping the fingerprint scanner these can be deleted.


5x design


Music lovers will really love the sound quality on this phone has the speaker chamber along the bottom produces impressive sound and there is a smart power amp to give your tunes oomph when they need it.


honor 5x sunset gold


The large 3,000mAh battery gives up to a full days use when using demanding apps and moderate usage will extend the battery power to just under a day and a half.


Huawei Honor 5X Camera


honor 5x camera


The rear facing 13-megapixel camera has a 28mmwide-angle lens and there is an anti-reflective coating to make the most of available light which makes the camera perform especially well in low light conditions.


5x low light photography


The front camera has a 22-mm wide-angle 5-megapixel lens with an 88-degree field of capture making it great for panoramic selfies.


Various shooting modes are on board so you can select the right one to suit the occasion including time-lapse mode, food mode and slow motion mode. Selfie options include real life and perfect selfie mode so you can find the right mode for your mood and share easily on social networks.




The Huawei Honor 5X has great styling which is backed up by a decent performance, good camera package and beefy battery making this a good choice for anyone that doesn’t want to spend out on one of the big manufacturers flagships but still wants a phone that looks great and can perform too.

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