Huawei Ascend Y550 vs Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha

Today we enjoy a mid-range smartphone battle as we take a look at the Huawei Ascend Y550 vs Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha.


Huawei vs Alcatel OneTouch design


The Huawei design for this smartphone includes a plastic shell that does feel solid and this encases a 4.5” display with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. The most impressive element of the design here is the scope of control you have over the interface and this includes choosing themes, live wallpapers and transitions between home screens.


Huawei home screen


There is an excellent rear facing speaker to enjoy on the Huawei phone and everything is powered along by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM. A 4GB internal memory can be boosted with a 32GB memory card. The only real issue is the lack of an Oleophobic coating, so the screen soon gets covered with unsightly fingerprints.


The Alcatel OneTouch design is significantly upmarket in comparison with flashy transparent LED notification panels and a metallic body with precision diamond cut edges. Dragon Trail Glass protects the 4.7” HD display that boasts a superior resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.


Alcatel OneTouch home screen


The Alcatel OneTouch also has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM but there is a larger internal memory of 16GB. There is no card slot so extending this will see you using the Cloud while this smartphone is lighter and thinner than the Huawei. The only design problem I see is that the USB charging port is located on the side and the cable gets in the way when this is connected.


Ascend Y550 vs Idol Alpha features


The Ascend Y550 uses the Android KitKat v4.4 OS and 4G internet connectivity for when Wi-Fi isn’t available. The operating system offers plenty with a phone manager app, storage cleaner, harassment filter, do not disturb setting and notification manager to stop apps pushing messages to the notification bar.


Huawei Ascend Y550 smartphone


Aside of all of the usual Google apps you have a remote camera app, Simple UI for technophobes and motion controlled gaming. The 2000mAh battery has several power modes including Normal, Smart and Ultra and you can get an entire days standby from just 10% battery power.


The Idol Alpha runs on the slightly older Android Jelly Bean v4.2 OS but in comparison this is largely overcome by the attention that Alcatel OneTouch has placed on their user interface. On one of the home screens you can find your apps sorted into folders such as productivity, tools, games, media and assistance and there is a Help Me app for learning tips and tricks.


Alcatel OneTouch transparent notification panel


That extra screen resolution makes a real difference too as you enjoy using features such as the My Tracks app, Wi-Fi file sharing and gesture controls. Once again we see a 2000mAh battery and this time around it can be fully recharged in only 2.5 hours. Power saving modes were not included on this version of Android but you can individually tweak items like the display and Wi-Fi manually, so once again the possible negatives have been overcome.


Ascend Y550 vs Idol Alpha camera


The Ascend Y550 has a 5MP camera with a decent set of features that include object tracking, panorama shooting mode and HDR mode as well as allowing you to add watermarks with your own text. You can also make adjustments with filters, exposure, saturation, white balance and contrast right in the viewfinder.


Huawei Ascend Y550 camera filters


Video recording is at 720p resolution and there is a 2MP camera for video calling or taking selfies.


The Idol Alpha has a 13MP camera that is out of this world! HDR mode, panorama, burst mode, night mode and sports mode are ready to aid you in taking professional quality photos. A timer is built in and you also have exposer and ISO control.


Idol Alpha camera


Video recording at full HD 1080p resolution once again exceeds the capabilities of the Ascend Y550 but it does loose out a little on the video calling and selfie side of things with its 1.3MP forward facing camera.


Huawei Ascend Y550 vs Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha verdict


The verdict is pretty clear when we sit these two smartphones next to each other. The Alcatel OneTouch Idol Alpha is a superior handset and even in the areas where you think the Ascend Y550 might have the edge you find that Alcatel OneTouch has overcome the issue with its own user interface.


I also have to say that the Idol Alpha looks far more grown up thanks to its more detailed screen resolution and premium metal finish. I would say leave the Ascend Y550 for the kids and snap up the Idol Alpha for yourself!


Written by: Michael Brown

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